Customer Reviews

Mr Byder

My driving experience can be summed up as a result of a couple of experiences.

A few years ago we werer travelling to Radlett from Kenton and we were driving up Stanmore Hill.  The snow was coming down and the road surface had tuned to a mixture of ice with a snow covering.  BMW'S, Fords and various other maques could be seen abandoned or just sliding into the cubs.  I took the whole hill in one swoop traeting all in the cars way as a grand slalom.  Down passed Bushey Bupa, cars terrified of the slope. And I was driving a Subaru Impreza.  Greatest fun you can have legally

Mr Clayton

As an owner of 6 previous Subaru Imprezas my brand new Pure Red Subaru Imprezas Wrx Sti is simply awesome it ticks everybox my 320r 2010 model did plus many many more. The first trip running in involved a steady trip to Birmingham which returned a 38.3mpg, it's quite and refined and feels a lot better put together than previous models. This is the car that Subaru should of made back in 2010. It handles superb it's quick when it has to be and Subaru have given the car the iconic exhaust noise. The only one thing that has caused me issues is mirrorlink doesn't work and the car does not come with satnav which to me is a bit of a lot down. But can be forgivenas I believe I can get it retrofitted by Subaru. Well done Subaru a cracking car that gives modern  motoring and cars a bit of excitement with a definite nod to the hay day of Subarus world rally championship winning cars

Mr Wilkins

I have owned a Subaru Impreza Classic shape for 11 years I liked the car so much That I purchased a wrx sti 66 plate in December I have found the new car very simular to my old car as in it is a good all round car for commuting / Practical with large boot , very good on fuel if you keep around 2000 revs in traffic 250 to 350 mile on a tank full in I mode with rear wheel drive selected i will add , I have to say 20 miles to gallon when you boot it hard fantastic Grip. 

Mr Fordy

I currently own 3 Subaru Imprezas. I run 2 Subaru clubs, SOC-UK and High Peak Subarus. I would highly recommend any of the Subaru range. The service is second to none, and the quality is unrivaled. I run the clubs for old and new models because I believe in the brand and understand the quality it takes to build a car that lasts. Thank you Subaru.

Mrs Baker

After seeing an article in the (then) new motoring magazine called EVO on a car called a Pro Drive Impreza, whose performance figures were out of this world, we set out to find our local Subaru dealer and see if we could build our project car.  We contacted K T Green of The White House Garage on Otley Road near Leeds to have a test drive in an Impreza  turbo. Having felt the performance we immediately decided to buy one of our own.  So with the car ordered we then turned to modifications.  We learned that Pro Drive, the rally car people actually produced the rally car which we saw racing on the television and that the modifications were sanctioned by Subaru themselves.
So, we had fitted Pro Drive front brakes, suspension,wheels and front seats plus a Scott and Heywood stainless steel rear performance box and off we went on our adventures driving the highland roads of Scotland.  On a weekend we could cover 1500 miles on our tours to the Isle of Skye.
Now our car has covered 80,000 miles and is in as perfect a condition as is possibly achievable.  In our mind that is due to the excellent engineering of the Subaru Impreza itself and the superb servicing that we have received from K T Greens, who have done everything that we could wish for to keep our Impreza in tip top condition,
We feel our car is so magnificent that after 17 years we had the car glass coated ( a Subaru treatment ) at Greens to get our Subaru back to its showroom magnificence, which it is as we write
P.S. we could not have had a better motoring adventure than we have experienced with our Subaru A511 JWW my 2000